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Here is a review by Jack Hoehn in Adventist Today: 

A Most Beautiful and Most Wonderful Book | Adventist Today (atoday.org)


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 The Experience of Awe with John Testerman

Physician and Biologist John Testerman reflects on the importance of the feeling of “Awe” for religion.

September 16 to November 25, 2023:  The Apocalypse - A Study of Bart Ehrman’s “Armageddon” with introductory and Concluding Sessions

 The Word of a Humble God, by Karen Keen

This accessible book is written from both a scholarly bent and pastoral concern.  Keen, from a Reformed tradition,  lives up to her title in this creative resource, and it also serves as an excellent introduction for the member in the pew, as she opens the door to a more nuanced, less literalist understanding of the Bible.   It begins on 3/18/23 with Larry Geraty.  The last 3 chapters are the best part of the book, ending with Karen Keen herself on 6/17/23

The New Testament According to Jesus, by James D.G. Dunn

This extraordinary book by a leading New Testament scholar is studied, chapter at a time, with presentations by Adventist scholars as well as class members.  December 10, 2022 to February 25, 2023

The Creative Universe

Mailen Kootsey

Our class’s resident physicist and multidisciplinary thinker is at his very best as he reflects on the creative universe that is coming into greater view every day  (11/19/22)

History of Christianity in 3 Lectures

Michael Scofield


Women in the Mission of the Church

Their opportunities and obstacles throughout Christian History (Leanne M. Dzubinski and Anneke H. Stasson, Baker Academic, 2021

August 13 to November 5, 2022


A Series of Expert Presentations with Moderator Jim Walters

10:30-12:30 April 30 to June 25, 2022

With Authors Donald Casebolt, Michael Campbell, Gilbert Valentine, Douglas Hackleman

Vaccine Hesitancy in Adventism

January 1, 2022  10:30-12:30

With Michael Schofield

The Dawn of Everything:

A New History of Humanity

David Graeber and David Wengrow

 IInland Empire Adventism and It’s LGBT+ Members   with John R. Jones, Kerby Oberg, Paul Mallery, Chris Oberg and a panel of Inland Empire LGBTQ+ Adventists


Dinosaurs, Volcanoes, and Holy Writ:

 A Boy-Turned-Scientist Journeys from Fundamentalism to Faith

James L. Hayward

September 11, Jesus On Our Streets  John McGhee


Quarks to Cosmos - A new book with an exceptional view of the world and the history of science.

  Written and Presented by Mailen Kootsey  September 18-October 2, 2021

Sept. 18  Quarks to Cosmos: Science as HierarchyHumans in the Hierarchy - Mailen Kootsey

Sept. 25 Quarks to Cosmos: Science as Hierarchy,Humans in the Hierarchy Mailen Kootsey


July 1:  Presentation on Church with class leader Jim Walters

Followed by a Town Hall Discussion about the future of our Sabbath Seminars Class

This fine presentation was especially important as it set the stage for a valuable discussion about our class - its purpose, future, relationship to the University Church, and concern for its aging and ailing members.  Well worth a review of the video, and a bonus is class member John Testerman’s impromptu speech during the discussion time. (not yet linked)

February 11,  “Adventism and Race/Racism,” Maury Jackson, special guest of Adventist Today Sabbath Seminars in a joint meeting with the LLUC Sabbath Seminars

February 18, Don Casebolt’s Father Miller’s Daughter (Wipf and Stock, 2022), Don Casebolt. 


Adventist Tomorrow, by Jack Hoehn

and on July 16, Steve Daily on his EGW Psychobiography

Adventist Tomorrow is available at Amazon for $20 paperback and  $9 Kindle


Sabbath Seminars


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Centennial Complex of Loma Linda University         Sabbath Morning 10:30-12:30