Our Normal Class Format

We encourage you to join the early service in the sanctuary at 9 A.M.  This link will take you to the church bulletin for this week.   Church Bulletin

If you come early to room 3208 (well ahead of 10:30 AM) we can visit and get to know each other.

Please read the guidelines for participation (below)

10:25-10:30 we will have completed brief announcements

The introduction of our presenter

Opening liturgy  and prayer

The presentation (30-45 minutes)

Class discussion ending at 12:25

Closing liturgy (ending at 12:30

A visit to Panera for those who wish to continue the discussion!


Guidelines for Participation in Sabbath Seminars   The following details may seem just too much picayunish casuistry.  But it provides the best chance for full participation, while keeping the conversation on topic.  This is our standard format, the moderator will announce deviations to it.

Discussion does not take place during the presentation.  It is appropriate only to ask a presenter to clarify or repeat a point if the member did not hear or understand, within reason.

After the presentation, the moderator will make a list of those wishing to make major points.

a participant may make major points/question, up to 3 minutes long

respondents on this 3 minute point have 1 minute

the presenter has as much time to respond and engage as he/she wishes

At any time, one may request to make a one-minute point to the major statement subject, or a  major point (where you will be put at the end of the line).  The moderator will judge the number of one minute responses permitted, depending on the time available.

The moderator is in charge, and has near-totalitarian power.  However, the moderator’s duty is to facilitate full participation, so the class can review the moderator’s job annually and fire the moderator (this has never happened).

Members who wish to wander off topic, grind an axe, etc., can expect the moderator to exclude them from discussion, though we might love you still (and Jesus will continue to);

Tolerance for diverse views is expected,  and because the gospel affects all of the world,  we must expect to disagree not only regarding religion, not only theology, not only science or history  -  but also the world of politics (surprise?).  Our class is an exercise of broad intellectual discussion with a commitment to self-discipline and staying on topic as much as possible;  it can get wide ranging, but all must respectful of others’ right to an opinion, and be sensitive to the class format and mission, as

 we hope that our community truly cares for one another, and  enhances the abundant life.


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Full Class participation takes place with both in-class and Zoom


Sabbath Seminars


Room 3208

Centennial Complex of Loma Linda University         Sabbath Morning 10:30-12:30