June 22 - Red Dynamite

Ch. 6:  ”Flood, Fruit, and Satan” and Ch. 7:  “Trees, Knees, and Nurseries” with Presenter Calvin Thomsen

Moderator:  Bill Shull

10:30:  Announcements and Introduction of Presenters

Opening Liturgy and Prayer

Presentation and Discussion

12:30:  Closing Liturgy and after-class visiting 

Centennial Complex Room 3208  Sabbath Morning 10:30-12:30

Reading Assignment this week:  Carl Weinberg, Red Dynamite  Chapters 6 and 7.  See recommended background reading below.

You may obtain the Kindle version of Red Dynamite for free on the Amazon site;  you may prefer the hard copy;  both are obtained here

 Calvin Thomsen is an Assistant Professor at Loma Linda University, teaching in the schools of religion and public health.  He just received the School of Religion’s Spiritual Life and Service Award.  He has served as lead pastor for the Vallejo Drive and Azure Hills congregations, and as Pastor of Family Life Ministry at LLUC.  For  more clickhere

Mark on your calendar our POTLUCK with author Carl Weinberg in the classroom on the 29th of June!

Additional background reading:

“Science” of Flood Geology:

“The Fatal Flaws of FLood Geology,” NCSE

George McCready Price:


SDA Encyclopedia

The Science and Faith Journey:

Volcanos, Dinosaurs and Holy Writ, An Adventist Scientist’s Journey to Embracing Evolution and Faith (James Hayward)

This week’s chapter descriptions:

Chapter 6 traces the continuation and transformation of the Red Dynamite theme in the writings of Morris and his allies in the Creation Research Society. 

Chapter 7 takes the story through the end of the Cold War in the early 1990s.


Discussion guidelines:  The moderator will request those individuals (in class and on zoom) who wish to make a major point (3 minutes or less).  The moderator will then acknowledge you for a 3 minute major point/question, or for a 1 minute point/question on the present 3 minute subject.  Please respect these efforts by our class to increase participation and reduce individual dominance.   Please keep your discussion on-topic and respectful, and speak up so that those in the room as well as those on zoom can hear you.

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