Our Mission:

Sabbath Seminars is a welcoming spiritual community and ministry of the Loma Linda University Church.  We explore life’s big questions using the tools of reason, biblical study, human experience, and our Christian heritage.


Our Vision:

Sabbath Seminars is a unique Sabbath School destination for persons of diverse spiritual worldviews, political perspectives, race, economic status, and sexual orientation.  Accordingly, Sabbath Seminars envisions:

--a vibrant class community where
thoughtful inquiry is welcome.
--a class that models what a “big tent” church can be. 

--a LLUC congregation that is enriched by our participation.

--a San Bernardino community that benefits from Sabbath Seminars' engagement.


Let’s Elaborate:

Sabbath Seminars is perhaps the oldest individual Sabbath School class at LLUC, beginning almost 50 years ago.  It has long been committed to the deep exploration of the Christian intersection with the world of ideas.

We embrace both the critical study of scripture and its use in our spiritual lives.  We use the tools of reason because we know that truth is always advancing, and God has given us the responsibility of engaging it with utmost thought.  We value human experience  because we accept the divine invitation of co-creation that generates the liberal arts and sciences. 

Sabbath Seminars acclaims diversity, welcoming all, especially the LGBTQ+ community.  We seek the human flourishing of all, regardless of racial, cultural, or gender differences. We praise the unconditional acceptance of all in Christ. Because we aspire to be a diverse community, we may not always agree. But we will seek to always respect and support one another.   

The Sabbath Seminars class has intentionally chosen these statements of who we are and who we want to be.  As we further reflect on them and seek specific ways to fulfill them, we look forward to revisiting these aspirations periodically. 



Sabbath Seminars


Room 3208

Centennial Complex of Loma Linda University         Sabbath Morning 10:30-12:30