The Dawn of Everything:

A New History of Humanity

David Graeber and David Wengrow

The Dawn of Everything image

February 19:   Anthropology and Social Justice: Reflections on the link between social activism and  knowledge production as seen in The Dawn of Everything.  Based on Chapters 1-5 in the book. 

 Presenter: Oystein LaBianca: recently retired from Andrews University, leader of the  archeological dig at the Hesbon Site in Jordan.

March 5: The Challenge of building a stable and supportive human society: Some early human examples based on Chapters 9-11 and Conclusion.

Presenter: J. Mailen Kootsey: retired multidisciplinary scientist and Sabbath Seminars class  technology leader.

For three weeks starting February 19, the LLUC Sabbath Seminars discussion class will be considering  the book named above. In the past, our class has read Harari’s Sapiens and other works describing a  linear evolution model for the development of human societies from hunter-gatherers to industrial  societies.  Graeber and Wengrow disagree with that hypothesis, based on a large volume of  anthropological data.  Presenting this book in three sessions will necessitate some selections because the book text totals over 500 pages. It is well written, however, and the many examples are fascinating.

If you don’t wish to  tackle 500+ pages, Amazon offers about a dozen summaries€ of this book.  Most of these are junk,  apparently written by individuals for whom English is a second language. The Summaries unfortunately  do not include the many examples in this book. The three passable ones are as follows: 

Oliver Gary, author. 97 pages. Unfortunately, this summary only covers eight of the twelve chapters.  

From Rapid Reads, 29 pages. 

From Quick Reads, 30 pages

. Since the passing of our former class member Erv Taylor, we no longer have a professional anthropologist to lead out in discussing a book of ancient human history. We will, however, be  introducing two new presenters that have other professional connections to ancient human history; We  know you will enjoy these two individuals

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