Readings for 2/12 - the Final Week of the Series, LGBT+ Adventism in the Inland Empire “ Where Do We Go From Here?  Pastoral and Institutional Perspectives”€

 Please read Olive Hemmings’ article on Isaiah 56 (A2 below) to provide insight into this week’s class liturgy.

 A.    The Spring 2020 Adventist Today Magazine, pages 20-29:

 1.    Loren Siebold's "Glendale City Church:  Intentional About Including Everyone!"

2.     Olive Hemmings' "Isaiah 56:1-8:  "Righteousness and Gender Conformity" 

3.    Ron Lawson's "In Search of an Adventist LGBT+ Relationship Ethic"

The issue is downloadable at this link:  AT_Spring_2020.pdf (  or copy and paste

 B.    Spectrum Online February 2, 2022  Ron Lawson's article just published last week in Spectrum Online: "Loma Linda University and its LGBTQ+ Members and Faculty"

 C.    This week you may also review our Sabbath Seminars mission statement found at

 Pastor Chris Oberg has shared the following items:

Class Notes for Reading 1:  The North American Division has invested heavily in the last few years in studying and responding to the crisis of its LGBT+ members, especially its families and youth.   An example is the sociological study by Dr. Rene Drumm included in our resource list.   NAD resources include workshops and printed material.  The materials reveal an intense effort to effect healing and wholeness, while retaining a commitment to what is frequently described as the “biblical view of LGBT  as taught by the Adventist church.”   Given the possible conflict between the two perspectives, the approaches reflect a remarkable empathy and human understanding.   Short of time, please read the introductory descriptions.

 1. North American Division's most recent resource for churches, schools and families, Guiding Families

 Press release from 2018 on this publication,

 2. Chris Blake's Sanctuary for Conversation,

This resource utilized in the 2015 GC Ministerial Meetings, breakout workshops.

 3. J. Philip Wogaman'  Surrendering My Ordination  An ethics professor and UMC Clergy, his act of surrendering his credential is not a departure from his denomination, but a digging in.


The class reading assignment for February 5 is Part 1 of the book Christianity and Homosexuality, Some Adventist Perspectives.  Click here for the resource sheet with the link for this book, which is only $3.98 as a Kindle book.

Part 1 consists of the stories of Adventist LGTQ+ members or family members, and provides some background for this week’s program in which two guests will tell their stories.

The following has been provided for the January 29 presentation, "The Psychology of LGBT+ Identity, and the Relation Between Religiosity and Heterosexism.”  There are reading materials for you in three categories:

1.  Suggested readings:

2.   Suggested readings for those who want something  book-length or technical.

3.  Suggested general resources recommended in addition to the class series handout,                 that are relevant to the class in general.



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